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Policies and Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Morning Procedures

  • The North parking lot is for buses and staff only.     
  • The only designated car drop off area is in the front traffic circle.
  • All cars pull up in the front circle of the school in a single file line to drop off students.  Passing other cars is not permitted.
  • Make sure that your child is on the passenger side of the car and ready to exit the car when you pull up (e.g. no toys in hand, book bag and lunch box ready). 
  • Drop off begins at 7:25 am.
  • Please place your car in park and remain in your car while staff members assist your child out of the car.  Proceed forward when the cars in front of you move.
  • If your child is going to eat breakfast at school, he or she must arrive by 7:35.
  • Non-breakfast eaters must be dropped by 7:50 am, as staff members are only on duty until 7:53 am. 
  • All students (walkers, car riders, and bus riders) will independently walk into the school through the front door.
  • Staff will be on duty inside the building to assist students.  Please encourage your child to ask any staff member if they need assistance.
  • All tardy students (8:00 am) must be escorted into the building by a parent, to be checked in.

Afternoon Procedures

  • The North parking lot is for buses and staff only.
  • The South parking lot is for EC buses only.
  • Walking parents may greet their children in the garden area located near the south side of the building.
  • During rain or severe weather, walkers will go to the car pick up area.  Parents will follow car pick up procedures.
  • The front traffic circle is for car riders only.  All cars line up in two lanes until reaching the flagpole.  A staff member will direct parents into a single lane, once students are called.  Write your child’s name in big bold letters on a piece of paper.  Either place your sign on your dashboard or in a plastic sheet protector clipped to a pants or skirt hanger, and display it from your rear view mirror.
  • All parents remain in cars while staff members load students.
  • Please put your car in park and do not proceed forward until you are directed to do so by a staff member.



Students are expected to be in school and on time, except in cases of  emergency or for reasons explained below.  Upon return from an absence, please send a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence.         


A student must be present for one-half of the school’s instructional day in order to be recorded present for that day. The mid point of the school day is 11:15 a.m.

Below are valid/lawful excuses for temporary nonattendance of   a student at school:

  1.  Illness or Injury.

  2.  Quarantine.

  3.  Death in the Immediate Family.

  4.  Medical or Dental Appointments.

  5.  Court or Administrative Proceedings.

  6.  Religious Observances.

  7.  Educational Opportunity - Absence may be lawful when it is demonstrated that the purpose of the absence is to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity, such as a student serving as a legislative page or a governor’s page.                 

Approval for such an absence must be granted 5 days prior to the absence. General travel and family vacations will not be excused.  

8.  Local School Board Policy - LEAs may excuse temporary or occasional absences for other reasons in accordance with local school board policies, provided the student has been in attendance for at least one-half of a school day during the current school year.                                 

 9.   Absence related to deployment activities – A student whose parent or legal guardian is an active duty member of the uniformed services and has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or immediately returned from deployment to combat zone or combat support posting for purpose of visiting said parent or legal guardian.

Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. are tardy and should report to the office before going to class. Any student arriving tardy needs to be signed in by a parent or guardian. Excessive tardiness is not acceptable.                 
If you should need to pick up your child early for any reason, please come to the office. The teacher will not release your child without approval from the office. Proper identification is required. Early release cannot be accommodated after 2 p.m.
If you are moving or withdrawing your child from school, please call or notify us in writing a few days prior to the child's last day.  This will allow ample time to complete necessary paperwork.
Perfect Attendance is awarded at the end of each grading period to students who have been present every school day.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Breakfast and lunch are served daily. During the first week of school all students will receive an application for free and reduced-priced meals. All students are assigned a lunch account. This account will be used on a debit system. Deposits can be made in the cafeteria or at Milk and other a la carte items may be purchased. Charging is not permitted. All unpaid cafeteria accounts will be handled by a collection agency.
*K12paymentcenter is available for all NHCS students. is not part of or affiliated with NHCS and the Child Nutrition Department; it is a third party vendor offering an alternative method for school meal account management. It's a one-stop shop for automated school meal account management. Go to for more information.

Discipline & Student Behavior Code

Everyone involved with Parsley must share the responsibility for creating and supporting a positive school environment. The responsibility for discipline lies with all parents, staff, and students. Inappropriate behavior which interrupts the instructional setting will not be allowed. Policies, rules, and procedures relative to student conduct in the New Hanover County Schools are distributed annually to students on their first day of school. Please review these policies, rules, and procedures with your child. In addition, at Parsley, our students SOAR.

Orderly and Organized 
Attentive(be present) and Attitude(choose a great one)

It is a violation of North Carolina law to bring any weapon on school grounds.  This includes pocket knives.  Any incident of weapons at school must be reported to law enforcement.
NHCS School Board Policy #8410

Health Care Policy

A school nurse is available on a regular basis at Parsley.  Sometimes it is necessary to send a child home from school when ill.  Presently our school follows these procedures:
  • A student is sent home when feeling ill and having a normal temperature above 100 degrees.  Occasionally a below normal temperature with other symptoms may also be in indication of illness, and the student will be sent home.
  • Any student with lice, scabies, or impetigo will be dismissed until treatment has been rendered.
  • Any student with inflamed eyes, a rash, or a lesion must be excluded until the possibility of a contagious disease can be ruled out or until written permission from a physician indicating return to school has been received.
If your child should need medication during he school day, the principal must have a completed Physician's Authorization form.  All medications should be delivered to the office by an adult.  All medication will be kept in the office.  School policy prohibits school personnel from dispensing over-the-counter medication to students without a Physician's Authorization Form.

Homework, Report Cards, and Grading System

The New Hanover County Board of Education believes that homework is an integral part of the school program. Homework is appropriate to reinforce classroom learning; practice previously learned skills; finish class work; preview instructional materials; and complete special research/writing projects, activities, or papers. Homework shall follow recommended time guidelines, and provide for differentiation of assignments based on student need.
Homework shall be sufficiently explained to students so that they clearly understand the expectations of the assignment.
Homework shall be carefully planned and evaluated for its purpose, appropriateness, value, and timeliness. Homework shall be monitored by the principal or designee.
There are four (4) grading periods during the school year. A progress report/report card will be sent to the parents of each student at the end of each grading period.
In addition, an interim progress report will be sent to the parents of each student at the midpoint of each grading period.

View school year calendar for dates of report cards and interim reports. 

Performance Codes – Kindergartenand grades 1-2
3 – Meets grade level expectations
2 – Progresses toward grade level expectations
1 – Needs more development
* – Not yet assessed
Grading Scale – Grades 3-12
A - 90-100 
B - 80-89
C - 70-79
D - 60-69 
F - 59 and below
Citizenship (Grades 3-12) and other non-core areas (Grades 3-8) such as art, music, physical education, and handwriting will be as follows:
S - Satisfactory Progress
N - Needs Improvement
U - Unsatisfactory Progress

NHCS Board Policy

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are a vital part of good school-community relations and are scheduled throughout the school year.  If you want to schedule a conference with a teacher, please call the school so a mutually convenient time can be arranged.  It is requested that you not "drop in" during the school day to confer, as teachers have carefully planned for a full day of instruction.  Interruptions erode time from the teaching schedule.
If you call the school to schedule a conference and do not know your teacher's extension, dial 411 for a staff directory.  You may also choose to request an appointment for a conference by sending an e-mail to your child's teacher(s).  Staff e-mail addresses are listed on our staff page and should also be available on each teacher's web page.

Parsley Folder

parsley folder small
Every student at Parsley receives a Blue Parsley Folder. 
Inside the cover is an outline of school information including Policies & Procedures.
Students use this folder to transport important papers to and from home and school each day.  We encourage our parents to check this folder each day for notes from the teacher, administration or PTA.


Students at Parsley receive 30 minutes of recess each day in accordance with North Carolina State Board of Education Policy ID Number: HRS-E-000
(a) For schools in which Physical Education is not currently offered daily to all K-8 students, a minimum of 30 minutes, daily, of moderate to vigorous physical activity shall be provided by schools for all K-8 students. This requirement can be achieved through a Physical Education class offered to all students. On days when Physical Education is not part of a student’s schedule, the 30-minute physical activity requirement can be met by activities such as recess, dance, classroom energizers, or other curriculum-based physical activity programs.
(b) Recess shall consist of unstructured free play or structured games and activities. Recess and physical activity shall not be taken away from students as a form of punishment; furthermore, exercise shall not be assigned for use as a form of punishment for students.
(c) The physical activity required by this section must involve physical exertion of at least a moderate to vigorous intensity level and for a duration sufficient to provide a significant health benefit to students according to National Physical Activity and Health Guidelines. Activity sessions should be no less than ten-minute segments that, when combined, total 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

School Safety - Transportation Policies

Safety for our students is a common goal and responsibility for all members of the Parsley School community. Please read and discuss these guidelines with your child. There is a good deal of traffic congestion each morning and afternoon. You should plan to arrive early to avoid your child being tardy. Afternoon pickup requires patience. If everyone cooperates and follows the guidelines, we will have a safe and orderly campus. Thank you.
Students may be dropped off and are allowed into the building at 7:25 am. This is the time at which there are staff members at duty posts to supervise children. It is not safe for students to be in the building or outside waiting without parent supervision before 7:25. If you arrive on campus prior to 7:25, please have your child remain with you in your car until 7:25. Staff and Safety Patrol are on duty from 7:25 until 7:53.  At 7:25 you may let your child out of the car at the car drop off circle and exit campus.  As you pull into the circle, be prepared to let your child out as soon as it is your turn.  Have homework signed, backpacks ready, etc.  Children should exit the car on the sidewalk side of the car.  Please stay in your car.  A staff member or Safety Patrol will assist the student(s) exiting the vehicle.  Come early, between 7:25 and 7:45 as that is when the line is shortest.  Be aware that rainy days are the busiest.  Please plan to drop off your child no later than 7:53 so he/she has time to get to class and is ready to learn by 8:00. 
If you arrive at or after 8:00, please park your car in the south Staff Parking lot near out mobile classrooms and escort your child inside the office for a tardy pass.
Please stay in line and do not pass other vehicles unless specifically directed by a staff member.
As often as possible, have your child(ren) ride the bus.  We have excellent drivers and it is the safest, most efficient way for children to get to and from school.
Parents should not use the Staff Parking Lot or the Bus Parking Area for drop offs. The safe and proper place to drop off students from a car in the morning is at the drop off circle. There are adults there to supervise. Using other areas creates traffic congestion and unsafe situations for walkers and bike riders. Please drive slowly and be watchful while on school property.

We have a crossing guard assigned to help students cross Masonboro Loop Road from 7:25-8:00 and 2:30-2:45. Students should not cross the road without the guard. If there is no guard there, please call the school and someone will come out to assist until a guard or police officer arrives. The crossing guard is not authorized to direct traffic.
Students are permitted to ride bikes to school. They MUST wear a helmet at all times - be sure it is securely buckled!  Students can ride bikes to the sign on the sidewalk near the Staff Parking Lot in the morning, and then walk the rest of the way to the racks. Due to crowded conditions in the afternoon, students are to walk their bikes from the rack to the crosswalk.
Students who are to be picked up by adults in cars will wait at the Pick Up area in front of the school. No students will be allowed to go to the Staff Parking Lot or to cars in the Bus Parking Lot.
Please remain in your car and pull forward to the loading area as children are dismissed.  A duty monitor will help children into the cars as needed.  Please have your doors unlocked.  If you have an automatic door, please open it as soon as it is safe.
Please have your child(ren)'s names written in a bold, large font on a piece of paper in the windshield on the passenger side of your car.
If you walk or ride a bike to meet your child, please wait in the garden area between the school and the south parking lot.
The North side of the school is for school bus and van pick up only.

If you need to change your child’s regular dismissal arrangements, you should notify the teacher in advance by sending a note. If written notification is not received, your child will follow his/her regular routine for getting home. Last minute dismissal changes cannot be made after 1:45 p.m. Do not leave voice mail messages or send emails for transportation changes.

Special Services

The New Hanover County Schools have resource personnel who work with the classroom teacher to provide special assistance.  Available to meet the unique needs of each child are:
  • School Psychologists
  • Testing Diagnosticians
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Exceptional Children Resource Teachers
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Teachers
  • Assistive Technology Services
  • School Counselors
  • Student Support Team
  • Public Health Nurses
To see who fills these positions at Parsley, view our Faculty/Staff web page.  For more information about these services view New Hanover County Schools' web sites for Special Education and Related Services or ESL.

Student Dress Code

 Students are to come to school dressed for the business of learning.  Students are expected to adhere to certain standards of cleanliness and dress that are compatible with the requirements of a productive and safe school environment Those standards as outlined in School Board Policy 8520 will be the determining criteria governing student dress.
A student's appearance, mode of dress or condition of personal hygiene will not be permitted to disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to the health or safety of others.  When, in the judgment of the school principal, a student's dress or appearance is such a disruption or threat, the student may be required to make necessary modifications.
All students must wear shirts and shoes to school. Shoes must be appropriate for school activity.  Hats are not to be worn inside.  Offensive words or pictures on clothing are not permitted.  It is not appropriate to students to wear perfume or cologne to school due to health problems of other students or staff members.


Transportation Changes

If you need to change your child’s regular dismissal arrangements, you should notify the teacher in advance by sending a note. If written notification is not received, your child will follow his/her regular routine for getting home. Last minute dismissal changes cannot be made after 1:45 p.m. Do not leave voice mail messages or send emails for transportation changes.

Visitors' Policy

Parsley Elementary welcomes visitors to our school.  Volunteers are a valuable asset and contribute to the success of our instructional program. 

As the safety of our students is our number one priority, it is required that all visitors to our school follow these rules immediately upon entering the campus:
  1. Ring the doorbell to be buzzed into the building.
  2. Go directly to the front office. 
  3. If you are staying at the school for any length of time, even for just a few minutes, you must sign in. Located in the office is a computer where you will log in your visit and print a visitor's sticker.  Please be sure to wear this sticker during your entire visit to Parsley. If you are not wearing a Visitor sticker, you may be stopped by a staff member and are re-directed to the office to get one. This is for the safety of all of our students.
  4. At the end of your visit, return to the office to check out using the computer.

We value your child's instructional time and minimize interruptions in the classroom.  

Dropping off an item for your child? Please bring the item to the office. Lunches will be delivered to the cafeteria by the parent at the time they are dropping it off.  Students will pick up lunches from a table as they enter the cafeteria.
Picking up your child early?  Come to the office before 2:00 p.m. and we will call for him/her to come to you.  Early dismissal cannot be accommodated after 2:00 p.m.  Proper identification is required.